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Silambam has evolved into both a traditional martial art and a performance art. It has also gained popularity as a form of physical fitness and self-defense training.

Silambam and Health Coaching

Practitioners of silambam are called “silambattam,” and they are skilled in various techniques involving the staff, including strikes, blocks, sweeps, and spins.

Silambam is also known for its acrobatic movements and intricate footwork, making it an art that requires agility and coordination.

  • Improving your Fitness whether your goal is getting into shape, Strengthening or Toning
  • ​Improving mobility
  • ​Enhancing Focus and Mindfulness
  • ​Reducing anxiety and improving mental health
  • ​Improving Coordination and so much more…
Silambam Course
18 SESSIONS (Approximately 1hour Each)

Tutorials to learn 18 new skill

Free Silambam stick (5 feet cane)

Warmup and stretching routines

Workout and practice routines



One Month Free Training for the World Record Attempt

Area of Specialization

Martial Art

  • Meipadam(Body Fitness)
  • Udal kattu paadam(Strength Training)
  • Tharai Paadam(Floor Exercise)
  • Karlakattai
  • Silambam
  • Por silambam(Warrior Silambam)
  • Marpor(Wrestling Silambam)
  • kusthi(Kuthu Varisai)
  • Thattu Varisai
  • Pudi Varisai
  • Malyutham
  • Varmakalai
  • Varma Therapy
  • Siddha Herbal
  • Shakthiriya Yoga
  • Siddha Yoga Therapy
  • Sandhan Yoga
  • Meditation
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